Watercraft & Special Vehicles Insurance

If you own a boat ATV, RV, classic car, golf cart or other specialty vehicle/watercraft, an accompanying insurance policy is absolutely necessary. Your watercraft/specialty vehicle's insurance policy will provide you with the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your “toy” as desired. Let's take a closer look at these types of specialty insurance.

Watercraft Insurance

Insurance is available for boats and every type of watercraft. Whether you have a fishing boat, sailboat, jet boat, house boat or other personal watercraft, you won't feel as though you can use it in the manner that you desire unless it is insured. The insurance will provide specialized coverage like on-water towing, total loss replacement and general assistance. It will insure you against the risks involved with owning and operating your boat, its trailer, motor and other equipment. The insurance will even protect you in the event that you have to pay damages stemming from a liability lawsuit.

Other elements of watercraft risk coverage include sinking, capsizing, collision, explosion, theft, storms, stranding and fire. The property coverage provides insurance to protect the equipment that is permanently attached to the boat, oars, anchors, tools, seat cushions, detachable canopies, extra fuel tanks, electric trolling motors and more.

Lean on our insurance experts to provide you with the watercraft insurance that makes the most sense for you. We'll make sure that your watercraft has dependable and affordable coverage. When your boat is protected from bow to stern, you'll have the peace of mind that you've always coveted. While most assume that watercraft insurance is exorbitantly expensive, it is actually quite affordable. Add in the fact that there are all sorts of boat insurance discounts available and you can save even more money.

Specialty Vehicles

When you take your specialty vehicle out for a spin, you probably go all out. This is your time to have fun and you can do so without reservation thanks to specialty vehicle insurance. This insurance provides coverage for your specialty vehicle in the event that it is damaged in an accident, flood, fire or by vandalism. Specialty vehicle insurance can even pay for medical bills if your specialty vehicle is involved in an accident. It will also help you pay for the replacement or repair of your specialty vehicle.

Some types of specialty vehicle insurance even provide compensation for lost income that results form an accident involving the vehicle. Liability coverage is available to protect your assets as well as your future earnings in the event that others are injured while you are operating your specialty vehicle. Even classic cars can be insured through specialty vehicle insurance. This coverage is based on an agreed value of the classic car. The rates are often quite low as classic cars aren't driven with a high frequency.

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